Lirik Lagu dan Chord Gitar Maher Zain - Forgive Me


             Em                            C
I'm about to lose the battle and cross the line

         G                     D
I'm about to make another mistake
            Em                     C
And even though I try to stay away
    G                                   D
Everything around me keeps dragging me in
I can't help thinking to myself
        C                G                   D
What if my time would end today, today, today?
      Em                          C
Can I guarantee that I will get another chance
           G                      D
Before it's too late, too late, too late


   Em         C       G                  D
Forgive me… My heart is so full of regret
   Em         C               G                   D
Forgive me… Now is the right time for me to
repent, repent, repent..

  Em                C
Am I out of my mind?
               G                 D
What did I do? Oh, I feel so bad!
                Em               C
And every time I try to start all over again
  G                          D
My shame comes back to haunt me
I'm trying hard to walk away
    C                          G                 D
But temptation is surrounding me, surrounding me
   Em                                     C
I wish that I could find the strength to change my life
           G                        D
Before it's too late, too late, too late



    A      D                G       Em
I know O Allah You're the Most-Forgiving
          A              D
And that You've promised to
           G                Em
Always be there when I call upon You
    A                D
So now I'm standing here
           G                     Em
Ashamed of all the mistakes I've committed
Please don't turn me away
            D                B
And hear my prayer when I ask You to