Lyrics and Guitar Chords Queens Of The Stone Age - The Vampyre Of Time And Memory

Verse :

Am                          G
I want god to come, and take me home
         D                  C      E
Cos I'm all alone, In this crowd
Am                       G
Who are you to me, who i'm supposed to be
      D              C      E
Not exactly sure, anymore

             Am             G
Wheres this going to? Can I follow through?
           D            C       E
Not just follow you, for a while

      F      B             E
Does anyone ever get this right?
     F        B                E
I feel        no               love

Interlude : Am  G  Am  G

Verse :

     Am                     G
And confusion here,  It is as i feared
        D                        C    E
The illusion that you feel - is real
       Am                  G
To be vulnurable, needed most of all
        D                     C        E     
If you intend to truly fall, apart

Bridge :

Am                            B
You think the worst of all - Is far behind
      F                   C          D
The vampire of time and memories, has died
F                     C          D
I survived, speak or breathe,  I'm incomplete
F               G
I'm alive, Hurraaaey
D                     F  B    E
Your wrong again, cos I feel no love

Outro :

      F      B              E
Does anyone ever get this right?        -x2-
     F       B                 E
I feel        no               love     -x2-