Lyrics and Guitar Chords Mickey Newbury - Time Was

Am                Dm
Time was I had a dream
    E                                Am
The sky was so blue, the meadow so green

  Dm                     Am
A time in the fire of my youth
  F                                                 E
A time when a dreamer had time for a dream to come true

        A    D         E              A      D      E
Oh, but time is a handful of sand to an old man
      A      D            E           F#m     
While time is a warm place to stand for a young man
   B                   D          G           E    
To stand any man with a young girl watching the tide roll in

Time was I had a dream
Certain and sure I could do anything
A time so long ago Once I knew
A place in my heart where a dream would come true

Oh time is a rock and roll band to a young man
While time is a warm loving hand to an old man
A strong loving shoulder to lean on and watch the children at play

A   D E       A      D     E
Time was    I had a dream
A   D E       A      D     E
Time was    I had a dream
F#m                              D
My dream was to stand here and sing
A              Bm   D  E
Stand here and sing

Am           Dm
  I have had mountains and mountains
              E                 Am
And mountains in the palm of my hand